P333 Capsule for Travel – Recap

I thought I would recap my capsule wardrobe for travel and how it actually worked for me.

As you may remember, my requirements were.

  • Travel bag [purse] to be hands free, non-bulky yet safe
  • To be comfortable in warm/muggy weather
  • To pack all in a single carry on
  • Mix and match clothing items to rotate through the ten days I am gone

All of the above was achieved – well, except for the comfortable in muggy weather part. Unless you have a cabana boy in front of you with a mister and a palm frond I don’t think you can ever really be comfortable in that kind of weather.

The travel bag worked out really well. The only downside was not having a small wallet to keep track of money and receipts. I used an envelope system that was not practical. I will be trying to find or making a small billfold for use with this bag for my next trip. There is a space that worked well for credit cards in the bag.

Of the items I brought, the leggings, tank dress [used as PJ’s one night], espadrille’s, capri jeans and linen pants were worn minimally. The grey cardi & black ballet flats were always meant for airplane travel only which they were used for. My little going out bag, ombre scarf and head scarfs were never worn. I did end up panicking and bringing a pair of light weight yoga pants and another light weight dress [also used to sleep in one night] which I really didn’t need/wear much.

I would have worn the espadrille’s more but they got very wet on the day we were in Colonial Williamsburg and may be ruined. I also had a reaction to sunscreen and kept my legs covered for the next three days with either my maxi skirt or a longer dress I had brought with me.

I ended up buying a pair of khaki shorts on the first day there. Between the shorts, my grey maxi skirt and various tops, I was set for the weather. By far the BEST purchase I made were the Keen sandal’s. We did A LOT of walking and these held up great!

Because we were traveling and not staying in the same hotel room every night we did not have time to do any laundry. Some of our clothing got a bit stale smelling with the hot weather and multiple wearings. I’m not certain how to combat this in future except for hand washing in a sink and leaving to dry overnight.

Below is what I packed [plus the extra items] and I have crossed out what I would not have brought in hind site. The first number represents what I brought and the second number represents my hind site number.

Bottoms – 6 / 3

  • Leggings black
  • Yoga pants grey
  • Shorts khaki *
  • Maxi skirt grey *
  • Linen pants black *
  • Capri jeans dark wash *

Tops – 6 / 6

  • Umpire waist tank green
  • Tank turquoise
  • Tank black & B/W stripe [layer together and count as one]
  • Tank aqua & white paisley print *
  • Cami aqua*
  • Gauze button down aqua & white *

Dresses – 3 / 1

  • Halter floral aqua
  • Strapless gauze dress multi [alternate to sleep in]
  • Swing tank striped B/W *

Sweaters – 1 / 1

  • Cardi grey

 Shoes – 3 / 3

  • Espadrille’s oatmeal *
  • Ballet flats black *
  • Keen Criss Cross Sandal aqua *

Accessories – 5 / 3

  • Evening bag blue [small holds necessities & has long cross body strap]
  • PJ bottoms and tank aqua [hand wash during trip] *
  • Ombre scarf blue *
  • Travel bag black *
  • Headscarfs paisley green & aqua
  • Bathing suit [did not originally bring]

Total Items – 24 / 17

If we had more down time I would have liked to go for a swim and next trip I will probably pack a swim suit and plan for that. I don’t buy much in the way of souvenirs so I don’t need a lot of extra room in my bag. I bought a bracelet for myself and one for the gal who took care of my dog. I also bought a water bottle [it had paisley’s on it and was turquoise – what can I say].


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