Geocaching: Awesome Geocache Hides – Cold War

Second in my series of awesome Geocache hides.

Cold War: difficulty 1.5, terrain 2.5, large. Hidden 7/2/12. We found 6/14/15. Favorites: 42

Official description of the cache:


Inside this unique cache container, you will find a lock-n-lock labeled “To NY”.  Do not remove trackables from this container because they are on a mission to New York.  If you place your trackables in this cache, it will be teleported magically through the wormhole and end up in Rochester, New York.

As of January 6, 2015, over 1,200 trackables have visited this wormhole cache.


  • A wormhole is a magical shortcut that allows a trackable to move a large distance & rack up miles quickly.
  • This wormhole cache is a one way ticket for your trackables to move to upstate New York.
  • On a regular basis, we will hit the magical switch to begin the teleportation through the wormhole.
  • Log your trackable drop as soon as you can to notify the cache owner that there are trackables waiting to begin the teleportation process.

So as we headed out of Charlotte, NC on our way to Columbia, SC we stopped at a rest stop [BTW – rest stops in the south are NICE compared to WA] observe below [not the actual rest stop where we found the cache].

Rest Stop

This one took us in to the woods and down a slightly steep slope. I was wearing a maxi skirt [of course] cause I had a bad reaction to sunscreen and wanted to protect my legs for a few days from direct sun. But I digress.

We had brought our headlamps with us but they were packed in our bags in the trunk of the car so we resorted to utilizing the flashlight apps on our phones. After a bit of searching in the twilight I resorted to looking at photos to help me get an idea of what I was looking for as there were no hints.

As you can see from the photo below, I was looking for some sort of a pipe like item. It was unclear to me how wide in diameter it was from the photo on file but I suspected something big as the size indicated was large. I came across many black plastic pipes [random] and finally found the prize.

Cold War

After unscrewing the lid we found a lock n lock plastic container inside. B dropped a trackable we hoped would find its way to New York and get some mileage under its belt.

Someone took the trackable out of the container intended for New York. However, it IS getting some mileage currently in Eastern Canada. Would have been interesting to see it end up in New York but at least whomever has it now is getting the job done.

I felt super stealthy and very CIA looking for this cache. There is NO possibility of this cache being muggled and removed as it is locked to a tree and someone would need bolt cutters to remove it. If you are carrying bolt cutters in your car and you are at a rest stop – I suspect you are there for nefarious purposes.

CW Lid

This next month of July B and I would like to set up our first cache. I think a wormhole for trackables is a FANTASTIC Geocaching idea! If you are ever in the South Carolina area and want to go looking for this cache, email me privately and I will give you the GC code.

As always a side note: I am calling the hides by different names other than the ones they have officially been called on the Geocaching website to protect the caches. Note two: GZ refers to Ground Zero, CO refers to Cache Owner, TB refers to trackable, DNF refers to Did Not Find & Smiley refers to successful find.

If anyone is interested in starting a wormhole for trackables with me and you live far from the greater Seattle, WA area, email me at paisleypenguin at gmail dot com. Could be fun to have multiple stops along the way too.


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