Camping: Salmon la Sac

The last weekend of June we went camping again. Jane, one of the regular VW camping crowd is married to Matthew and he hangs out at a pretty popular and historic bar in their area, the Blue Moon. A group from the bar go camping every summer and Jane invited a few of us VW camping people along to keep her company.

Blue Moon

After work Friday B and I loaded up the van and headed out to the XXX [burger place] in Issaquah so we could caravan with Mark, Roman & Dug.


Just east of Roslyn in Salmon la Sac the road in was dusty and rough. There was a burn ban on so we couldn’t have a campfire.

No Campfire

Improvisation came in the form of a lamp and three citronella candles on a spare tire. We are nothing if not creative people who think outside the box!

The next morning Jane came over and we had a potluck breakfast like we usually do on our camp outs. We wanted to do some Geocaching and headed out to a local historic building.

Old Building

This cabin was built in 1913 by the French but at the onset of WWI they withdrew and it became the USDA Forrest Service headquarters until 1962. French fur trappers coined the name “Salmon La Sac” in the mid 19th century to describe how the native Kittitas Indians caught salmon in huge baskets woven from cedar bark. Currently its not in use but I hope it is reopened some day.

We headed in to Roslyn. If you have never heard of the town, you may have heard of the show Northern Exposure which was filmed there. The moose who wanders around the town in the credits “Morty” was housed at my alumni, Washington State University.

Roslyn Cafe

It was plenty hot that day so we cooled down by getting a bite to eat at a restaurant that allowed dogs on the patio. There was a mister for the plants and I was seated in the perfect spot. We wandered around town for a bit. Dug and B wanted to get a Geocache and I was just too hot so watched the dogs under some shade.

Mrs Craven

After just being in the south, when I saw this creature in her fuchsia and blue I couldn’t help but take a photo. This is Mrs. Craven, a descendant of the first black family to settle Roslyn. She was a sweet woman and interesting to talk to. After grabbing an iced coffee we headed back to camp to sit in the river.


We had an area set up with an easy up where we could put our camp chairs directly in the water and cool off. I did not bring my camera down to the water so nabbed this from another who was camping with us. We had to leave early to meet my mom and this was taken after we left Sunday.


The sunset started out just awesome. Above, VW camp. After a potluck dinner I was super tired and it was really hot. B opened up the sunroof and Beej and I lounged in the van. Roman fell asleep and now he is the proud owner of a blue magic marker VW tattoo. We left the sunroof cracked while sleeping as it was just too hot.

A dip in the water after breakfast and then we headed home to meet my mom for dinner to celebrate her and my father’s anniversary.


On our way out we saw this gal. We did a couple Geocaches. One looked way to steep and I was way to hot so B did it himself. He was rewarded with a travel bug.

B and Geocaching

Hot in a Hat

Above, selfie of me in the van. It was soooo hot! That ia my camping hat – it’s a bit silly but it’s perfect for the weather. We saw a TB on a car on our way back over I90 as well.

We made it home in time to jump in the shower and meet my mom at Girardi’s for dinner.


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