June Camping: Camano Island State Park

Friday morning after arriving home around 4:30 AM we managed to get about five hours of sleep before we headed off to Camano Island Stat Park for our monthly camping trip. As we pulled in to the park we drove down near the water to get our first cache of the day. A very clever one and will be included in an Awesome Geocaching post soon.

Beej was with my friend Jane while we were away and I was super excited to see him. You can’t tell on his face below but he was super excited to see me too.

Beej says its hot

Busses all lines up in a row.


This camping trip was pretty mellow. We did some caching, and eating, and sleeping and playing of board games.

We saw a bunny.


Sunday we went to see B’s mom who lives nearby to celebrate her birthday which was while we were gone.

Sorry for the short post. We are headed out this weekend for another camping trip and I will post about that one next week along with an awesome Geocaching post.

Have a great weekend!


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