P333: Capsule for Travel

Road Trip For my upcoming vacation to the east coast I have four requirements;

  • Travel bag [purse] to be hands free, non-bulky yet safe
  • To be comfortable in warm/muggy weather
  • To pack all in a single carry on
  • Mix and match clothing items to rotate through the ten days I am gone

I chose a neutral color palette of black, white, grey and oatmeal/tan in classic silhouettes with aqua as my accent color. I can assemble ten different outfits with the clothing listed below, most items will be worn twice. That should allow me to get through the ten days we will be gone. I likely will have access to a washer and dryer at some point on the trip. Worse case I hand wash in a hotel room. Note: all items with an * behind them have been purchased recently.

Bottoms – 4

  • Leggings black
  • Maxi skirt grey *
  • Linen pants black *
  • Capri jeans dark wash *

Tops – 6

  • Umpire waist tank green
  • Tank turquoise
  • Tank black & B/W stripe [layer together and count as one]
  • Tank aqua & white paisley print *
  • Cami aqua*
  • Gauze button down aqua & white *

Dresses – 2

  • Halter floral aqua
  • Swing tank striped B/W *

Sweaters – 1

  • Cardi grey [PL]

 Shoes – 3

  • Espadrille’s oatmeal * [PL]
  • Ballet flats black *
  • Keen Criss Cross Sandal aqua *

Accessories – 5

  • Evening bag blue [small holds necessities & has long cross body strap]
  • PJ bottoms and tank aqua [will hand wash during trip] *
  • Ombre scarf blue *
  • Travel bag black *
  • Headscarfs paisley green & aqua

Total Items – 21 Clearly from the *’s in list above you see I was in need of some new items of clothing. Normally I would wear my bulkiest clothing on the plane but since we are traveling overnight [both ways] I plan on wearing the following as my travel outfit: black linen pants, B/W tank layerd over black tank, cardi and oatmeal espadrilles. I really feel the need for comfort over saving room. I don’t typically wear a lot of jewelry. I have 1/2 carratt diamond studs I wear in my ears. I have an amber ring on wear on my right hand at all times as well. Often jewelry I wear would be a bracelet or necklace. I will be leaving those at home. Also in my bag will be my toiletries bag [makeup, travel size shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste & brush.

Years ago I used to watch Rick Steves [a native of my current hometown of Edmonds, WA] on our local PBS station and one trick I have carried with me through the years is rolling your clothing for maximum packing efficiency and less wrinkles. I actually do that at home in my dresser as well.

The majority of our trip will be hitting museums, drinking craft beer, driving and Geocaching. Normally I would not bring three pair of shoes for a ten day vacation but the Keen sandals will be great for lots of walking/sightseeing and slipping on in the car for any Geocaching we may do on the road. I adore my other Keen sandals and hiking shoes so there was no need to research these. They have already gotten plenty of wear since I purchased them. The black ballet flats double as slippers and have their own travel case [small enough to be packed in my travel bag]. I can also wear them to dress up an outfit. I had wanted to purchase these for some time and read many reviews online before deciding to get them. The espadrille’s are also an alternative for walking or a nice outing and pack pretty flat.

The travel bag I researched as I wanted something small and hands free. Something that I could wear across my body that would maximize storage for items I carry with me at all times [iPhone, cash, credit cards, Kindle, small bottle of water, sunglasses, Excedrin migraine, lotion, etc]. This one has a steel cable in the strap, mesh in between the outer fabric and lining, FRID so no one can scan my card information and two locking pockets to prevent pick-pocketing. It’s also pretty flat. It really is a great bag for the price. I tested it out camping in May and it worked really well for a Geocaching bag too. I clipped a carbineer to it to hold the dogs leash. Perfect hands free walking!

I will be utilizing my credit card while on vacation for hotel and gas purchases [I get cash back when I use my cc for gas]. I plan to have three envelopes in my travel bag to hold receipts for cash, checking and credit card. That way I can keep a running tally of expenses on the outside of the envelope.

I purchased two Kindle books for the trip. Ironically both have been/will be produced by Reese Witherspoon in to films. The first is Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn [I saw the film and really want to read the book and I don’t care that I know the ending] and the second is Luckiest Girl Alive by Jessica Knoll.

My travel clothing could be viewed as a mini capsule wardrobe. I love looking on Pinterest for ideas on packing for a ten day trip utilizing mixing and matching items for different looks. Recently P333 posted this blog post about travel and moving that I also thought was helpful. I have my iTunes on my iPhone and am prepping a vacation playlist. Songs that are summery and some that are oldies but goodies.

How do you pack for a vacation?


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