House & Yard Updates

At the beginning of this year I had some pretty aggressive plans to accomplish. Although we still have seven months left in the year I have decided to scale back.

B and I decided my studio will need to wait until next spring. I am a bit bummed but it is what it is. For now, I will carve out a sewing space in our spare room which really needs some TLC to turn it in to a more functional space in our home. This will allow me to bring some bigger furniture pieces from my 10 x 10 “temporary” storage to the house. I was trying to wait until the studio was built but I want to stop paying for storage and want the rest of my things around me. This will also give me a chance to purge items I don’t need and only bring home items I love and will use.

We will move some of our book shelves in to the living room which will help cozy up that space. Both B and I love books and don’t imagine giving up any of the ones we currently have although we are being more careful about purchasing new ones. We only have so much space in our home/

I am still working on my Bee Keepers quilt but it’s going to take me much longer to finish than originally anticipated. I recently went to a quilting museum where there were a bunch of confetti quilts depicting scenes in nature. These type of quilts use small bits of fabric to form murals [example below]. Now I am inspired to make one. Since we do so much camping I am picturing a woodland scene with our van tucked in the trees.

Birth Confettie Quilt

I still plan on working on projects from my 2015 Pinterest board. I have added some new things and I have a couple small projects people gave as gifts I would like to make.

The garden will likely take us three to five years to accomplish what we want to do. Getting beds put in and plants established will take time as we have a 1/3 of an acre to plant. We use the fire pit in our backyard a lot and when indoors the kitchen table [which faces the back yard] so I wanted those spaces we look at a lot to be what I worked on first. The bed at the back of the house has been planted but I will still fill in more and I need to divide the irises. The woodland area is going to be done in two phases. Phase one will start after I get back from vacation at the end of June. My plans for a veggie garden this year are on hold. That doesn’t mean I can’t plan for next year and I do have a few veggies and herbs growing pots in the yard. Below some of the potted plants I have on the steps of the hot tub.

Potted Plants

The house has some projects that really need to be taken care of. B has had no carpeting/flooring in the house for three years – just sub-flooring. We need to remedy that situation by carpeting the bedrooms and putting down hardwoods in the hallway and living room. We also do not have full use of our bedroom closet and that room needs to be painted. We have been looking at paint chips.

Unfortunately the person who owned the house before B just LOVED wallpaper and the master bedroom has a border that we need to finish taking down [cherubs anyone?]. It is VERY stuck to the walls. Other future house plans include blowing out the kitchen wall and adding on a dining space that opens up to a patio. We also need to swap my 50″ flat panel TV [currently taking up floor space in the spare room] with the smaller flat panel TV in the living room.

I have a little pet project to complete too. Our mudroom is the main entry portal for our home [we rarely use the front door] and I am planning a small spruce up with paint, some baskets to corral the items we keep out there, a nice runner and some hanging potted plants the cats can’t get to [when we leave the kitchen door open then wander out there to lay in the sun].

After our endeavors in the yard we realized we are not getting any younger. The defunct hot tub will be put back in to rotation. Right now it actually sits outside our kitchen window [where we want to add on] but the addition is at least a couple years away so for now we will enjoy the hot tub and figure out a place for a new one down the road.

B has been busy selling cars. We have quite a few in our yard and garage [at one count 17]. He is a “car guy” and has a few restoration projects in the garage. Some of the cars were not his and were only supposed to be on our property for a short while. In the last week and a half he has sold four and someone is coming by tonight to look at another one. It will be so nice to have some space freed up in the parking area of the yard!


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