May Wrap Up

Second month of the second quarter. I was much better about time management this month and I feel I got a lot accomplished without getting overwhelmed or taking on too much. I’m looking forward to our trip to the east coast next week and have made and purchased a few items of clothing to add to my P333. I am working on a P333 post for travel as well as the upcoming summer season.

On the P333 note, I have added a category for it below.

I am slightly revamping my updates for each month by just posting what I actually did and where I want to improve.

Net Worth

My net worth is negative .01%. I am SO CLOSE to having a positive net worth. Even with my upcoming trip my savings is increasing and I am spending less money on the three main problem areas [dining out, craft beer & coffee].


  • 401[k] personal: $134.58
  • 401[k] employer match: $67.29
  • IRA interest: $118.52

Total: $320.39


  • Savings: $175

Total: $175


  • Personal loan 1: $169 paid off this month
  • Personal loan 2: $0 [will start paying on this in June] payoff April 2020
  • Credit Card: $553.88 paid off this month
  • Car payment: $200 payoff July 2015
  • Key Bank: $43.50

Total: $966.38

The Great Outdoors

  • Camping at Riverside Sate Park recap here & Kitsap Memorial State Park recap here
  • Geocaches: 90 actual [cached every day and best cache month so far; smileys [82] dnf [0] earth [2] meet n greet [1] puzzle [1] virtual [5]*
  • Trackables r [1], d [15] & v [36]**
  • Learn some archery: Brought a borrowed bow camping at Kitsap Memorial but did not have a place to set up. We did find a place at a future camping site, Manchester State Park.

Hand Crafts

  • Hexipuffs: 1


  • Went through clothing and will have an upcoming summer post as well as a travel post.


  • Planted Wandering Jew and pots for backyard area
  • Weeded the blueberries and planted some strawberries
  • Woodland area will be started this month


Better Health

  • Complete 5 hikes [3 completed first weekend, completed 1 third weekend]

Here’s to this month!

* For the purposes of Geocaching, the notations above are [smileys] logged as found [dnf] did not find [v] virtual [r] retrieved, [d] discovered [v] trackables visited] & [mng] meet n greet.

**I found out this past month that if I have a trackable I will never get rid of I can have it visit all of my caches which will show a map of where I have been. I have a trackable dog tag on my dog and use that one as my personal map of visits.


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