June Goals

Two posts in one day. I can’t believe it but almost half the year has been experienced already! We had some lovely weather in May but June has started out rainy and gloomy. I am actually glad for the lower temperatures. It might make caching a little tough as we want to complete 100 days in a row and as of yesterday we were at 44 consecutive days [almost halfway there].

A couple days ago I joined a local book group [women, wine & books]. I know none of the ladies in the group. The chosen book for June is Unbroken: A World War II Story of Surival, Resilience, and Redempton by Laura Hillenbrand. I have not read this book yet or seen the film that resulted. Our meeting is the last Saturday of the month at a local cafe. I am looking forward to it.

I have two books loaded on to my Kindle for my upcoming vacation: Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn. I enjoyed the film for Gone Girl that I took a chance on another recommendation by Reese Witherspoon and also downloaded  Luckiest Girl Alive by Jessica Knoll.

As noted in my May wrap up, I slightly revamped my updates to just post what I have [or want] to achieve.

Net Worth

Should be positive by the end of this month.


  • 401[k] personal: $134.58
  • 401[k] employer match: $67.29
  • IRA interest: $118.52

Total: $320.39


  • Savings: $800

Total: $1800


  • Personal loan 2: $200 payoff April 2020
  • Car payment: $200 payoff July 2015
  • Key Bank: $43.50 payoff August 2015

Total: $443.50

The Great Outdoors/Travel

  • Road trip from Baltimore, MD to Tampa, FL with a multi day stop in Savannah, GA
  • Camping at Camano Island State Park
  • Geocaches: Complete HQ Geo Tour, caching every day this month and acquire 6 souvenirs for each state we travel through on our vacation [Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia & Florida]. Follow me on Instagram if you like.
  • Trackables: Plan on leaving a trackable on our vacation
  • Learn some archery: Might be on hold but we will try to find some time

Hand Crafts

  • Hexipuffs: 5
  • Start on some projects that have been sitting around [owl & hand bag]


  • Went through clothing and will have an upcoming summer post as well as a travel post.


  • Start on woodland area [after return from vacation]
  • Crate composte pile
  • Start working on chicken yard weeds


  • Move two book shelves to living room
  • Bring my two book shelves from storage to spare room
  • Clean up spare room
  • Create sewing space in spare room [will involve bringing more items from storage]

Better Health

  • Complete 2 hikes
  • Start working out again 2 days a week
  • Start the I Quite Sugar program after return from vacation

Here’s to this month!

* For the purposes of Geocaching, the notations above are [smileys] logged as found [dnf] did not find [v] virtual [r] retrieved, [d] discovered [v] trackables visited] & [mng] meet n greet.

**I found out this past month that if I have a trackable I will never get rid of I can have it visit all of my caches which will show a map of where I have been. I have a trackable dog tag on my dog and use that one as my personal map of visits.


One thought on “June Goals

  1. We live in New England and have had 3 days of rain! We needed the rain, but now I’m ready for some sun! 🙂

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