Happy Mon – Err Tuesday!

Hello my friends and welcome to your post Memorial day weekend work week. We tend to stick around the house on holiday weekends. I hope you had a wonderful weekend as I did. It was filled with friends, food and fun. I started out my Friday getting off a couple hours early and hitting a couple Geocaches and then started reading the third book in a series [sadly I will be on vacation when the author is here for a reading/autograph session] over a yummy beer at our local pub.

The Book of Life

Saturday B and I did work in the yard. I had planned to work on the woodland area but started by planting pots for an area of the yard we can’t put anything in the ground. Of course there is a lovely breaker box right there. between the planters below and a window box above I still need to plant I’m hoping to disguise it a bit more. I would also like to put gravel down below the pots to clean the area up a bit.


I also planted a lovely lily in a dark eggplant color and an abutilon in an orange color. These pots sit on the steps leading to our hot tub. Saturday night we had a friend over for yummy steak and beers around our fire pit. Sunday we walked around the Folklife festival and then went to the last day of the Pompeii exhibit at the Pacific Science Center. I thought the exhibit was very interesting and would have liked to know a bit more detail on specific items on display. Here are a few favorite photos.

Marble Puppies

A small statue of four marble puppies.

Sphinx Leg

One of three Sphinx legs on a garden fountain.

Garden Fresco

Garden fresco with a peach tree and a bird.

Glass Cup

Mass produced glass cup. Apparently glass blowing started in the first century.

Emerald and Gold Necklace

Emerald and gold necklace and gold earrings [for pierced ears].

There was armor and pottery and statues as well. I would have liked to know how much the armor weighed. Towards the end of the exhibit, we watched a short film about the day Vesuvius blew complete with shaking floors, wind and fog. After that the screen rose up dramatically we were able to see the casts done of people who died at Pompeii. We did a few Geocaches and then my mom came to dinner that night . We had another evening in the backyard around the fire pit with some red wine.

Monday morning we headed up to an annual car show called Cruise on Colby where B and other Volkswagen clubs have VW Alley. We wandered around the show for a bit and hit a few more Geocaches. We continued our yard work efforts with B selling three cars over the weekend and me starting on the woodland area. Below is what it looked like before I started.

Woodland Before

And here is after four hours of work. Feel tree to toggle back and forth if you can’t see any changes.

Woodland After

Not much different hmmm? You can’t really see but behind the fern was a juniper, that is now mostly gone [except the thicker roots], I cleared out some of the grass and A LOT of weeds and planted three Chinese Pagoda Primroses. I generally don’t like primroses but these are so cool looking!

Chinese Pagoda Primrose

The soil was mainly some dirt and an under layer of pine cones and grass roots so it made it super hard to dig in the ground. We have decided to get topsoil from a nursery and rototill the ground so planting will be easier. We are only going as far as the mound of green you see in the back [mostly spirea and honeysuckle vine] and that area will be done at a later time.

More updates on the yard coming soon!

Do you stick around the house as we do for holiday weekends or do you head out on the open road?


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