Favorite Design Blogs

I absolutely love design. My personal aesthetic has evolved over the years from Victorian to Shabby Chic to current. My passion is industrial thrown in to an eclectic fusion of craftsman & arts and crafts. I love color and texture and want my surroundings to reflect a life lived with friends and family, pets and the out of doors and travel to near and far. My current living space is shared with my BF + three indoor cats + my dog. B loves Craftsman style and hand made furniture. We share the repurposing bug. He collects California pottery and has made some of the furniture in our home.

Some design inspiration I read as often as they post.

I stumbled across Brooklyn Limestone several years ago when most of the major renovation of her home were completed. Stephanie, her hubbie and sweet two year old daughter live in a renovated Brooklyn limestone. Stephanie is bats about Halloween [she really takes a theme to a whole new level] and travel along with design and photography. I also like her annual themed Christmas card/gift posts. She is great at tutorials and her posts and photos about her many international travels make you feel like you were there right along with her.

One day while googling sliding barn doors for interiors I found House Tweaking. Dana had this amazing repurposed sliding barn door that separated her master bedroom from her master bath at her last home. This is one of the first blogs I found that inspired me to paint the main living space walls of my condo grey. Dana and her family have since downsized and turned a three bedroom rambler [lovingly nicknamed the underdog] in to an amazing home that suits their family perfectly. They completely gutted the living/dining/kitchen to make a bright and open plan. I really love how she has made her home cozy through texture, plants and other design elements against warm white walls with a mid century design aesthetic. A pharmacist by trade she certainly has an eye for design!

Anna is a book designer by day in NYC and a weekend warrior in Newburgh at Door Sixteen. Along with her husband and two adorable dogs they are renovating their home one project at a time and it truly reflects their midcentury modern sense of design without ignoring the Victorian bones of their home. She really researches and does things right, even if it takes time. They also have a Pied-a-Terre in Brooklyn as they both work in the city.

Jennifer at The Old Painted Cottage along with her husband have a small home they refer to as Cottage 8. Further proof that you do not need lots of square footage to make a home. I would describe her style as a more masculine version of shabby chick with an industrial flair. There are hints of travel and items passed down for generations reflecting a laid back California country kind of vibe.

Melanie lives on a lake not that far from me and is the author of My Sweet Savannah. In fact, I had the pleasure of seeing her home in person when I attended a craft night a while ago. Along with her husband they took a tiny and run down house and turned it in to a fabulous family home. She has an eye for repurposing anything in to a delightful and practical home embellishment. The lake community she lives in seems like a wonderful place to raise their two children. One of my favorite posts was actually of a lake canoe party they had with neighbors.

I believe I first found Dear Lillie when my niece was really little, I was searching for children’s tutus which they sold in their online store which is a family business. While her husband is off coaching basketball at the local college, Jennifer [along with help from her two girls] have been decorating their home. Creating and photographing vignettes that reflect her style and are child friendly are a special talent of hers. Both of her sisters and her brothers homes have been featured as well.

Can you imagine what a passion for home renovation and a small budget can do when you document it on a blog? Young House Love is the result which eventually led Sherry and John to leave their day jobs and work for themselves while raising two young children. Their documentation of DIY led them to create a line at Target, write a book and help design a show house. Their homes have been featured in magazines and have been the guinea pigs for all their design aspirations. There is no problem they can’t come up with a creative solution for.

Imagine living in rainy old England and taking a vacation to sunny Australia. This was what inspired Sara, her husband and three children to move across the world. Cobbling together bits and bobs from thrift stores to grabbing things right off the street she has managed to craft a lovely and relaxing retreat for her active family. Her inspiration at A Beach Cottage is always welcome and remember, when it’s winter here is summer there.

I am headed out to a campground in a few hours. Have a fabulous weekend and I hope you pop over and visit these blogs and let me know what your favorite are!



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