Geocaching HQ

Before B and I headed out of town to Spokane last Friday, we made an appointment at the Geocaching Headquarters to help us in achieving the HQ Geo Tour. So far we have completed five of the nine caches [you don’t have to do all before your appointment].


HQ was a fun place to visit and was about an hour of our morning. There are many things to be discovered at HQ – all over the place. There is a large cache in the lobby and a photo booth to take your picture. We got to keep one strip and the other went in to the log for the HQ cache. They have about seven photo books full of photos of Geocachers who came to visit.

HQ Cache Lobby

I was lucky enough to find a Jeep trackable in the cache. Every employee get’s a likeness they can have on a trackable and we received one from a developer we met. We also received an HQ trackable which I dropped off Sunday at one of the Washington State Parks caches – so far its still there. The manager for customer relations headed up the tour. Her job is basically to meet us Geocachers.

On the wall they have a flat panel TV screen and it shows updates of when people find caches all over the world. There is a case with rare trackables in it as well. You can get a list and discover all of them. Still have to do that.

B and Trackables

Outside of HQ there is a memorial to a local icon JP Patches. A bronze sculpture of him with, you guessed it, a trackable to discover!

B and JP Patches

Just down the street we headed to one of the caches on the list that is normally hard for us to get to as it has limited hours. This was a mystery cache we had figured out beforehand.

HQ Cache

All in all our visit to Geocaching HQ was a blast and we are so lucky to live so near. If we didn’t I’m certain we would make the trek!

4 thoughts on “Geocaching HQ

    1. It was really fun. Not a ton of photo ops. If you ever do make it out the HQ Geotour can be done in a day. If you like beer I highly recommend a stop at Fremont Brewing. It’s kid and dig friendly!

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