May Goals

After reviewing the first four months of the year I am making some changes to simplify things.

  • Eliminated slush fund and placed $250.40 back to checking. That amount covered a new phone I had to buy or I would have placed in savings.
  • Will transfer all monies left in checking to savings on pay day – zeroing out account for pay period.
  • Had planned on making extra payments on my car for May & June. Those payments will go to my credit card so my car will now be paid off in July [one month later – no interest]. Updates are added below.
  • Making my to do list less aggressive so I will actually get things done. The two main things I am focusing on this month are a basic veggie garden and decluttering the spare room to make room for my sewing table.
  • Getting back on a low sugar eating plan, drinking more water and exercising 20 minutes daily.

The first four days of the month we are headed to eastern Washington to visit B’s aunt, take her to Cirque de Soleil for her birthday, camp, do some Geocaching and drink some yummy beer. A mini vacation. I will try my best to not eat sugar and carbs but I can’t guarantee anything.

Originally we had planned a road trip in September/October of this year down to California to visit B’s grandparents. That might be on hold. B’s best friend since forever is moving from Baltimore, MD to Tampa, FL and asked us if we wanted to fly over there and drive one of their cars down. If this happens, it will be in mid June.

Here is to the second month in the second quarter!

Net Worth

My net worth percentage is a negative 7% [last month was negative 10%]. As mentioned at the end of April, I have decided to break savings and retirement goals in to two separate categories and I have a new debt thanks to Uncle Sam. I am not trying to set a goal for IRA interest any more but will just publish the interest as of the last day of the month. Also, my 401[k] is a guestimation as I have increased the amount and taxes are different. Will know more when I get my first check this month.


  • 401[k] personal: $198.24 [guestimation]
  • 401[k] employer match: $99.12 [guestimation]
  • IRA interest: [tbd]

Total: $297.36 [+/- IRA interest]


  • Automated savings: $200
  • Additional savings: $200

Total: $400


  • Personal loan: $169 payoff this month
  • Credit Card: $175 payoff July 2015
  • Car payment: $200 payoff July 2015
  • Key Bank: $43.57 payoff August 2015
  • Taxes: $100 payoff December 2015

Total: $612.57

The Great Outdoors

  • Camping: Riverside State Park & Kitsap Memorial State Park
  • Geocaches 20: complete HQ Geo Tour & add 4 to WA State Parks Geo Tour

Hand Crafts

  • Hexipuffs: 5
  • Hanging storage for Marty
  • Purchase/sew clothing for warmer weather
  • Start woven pom pom rope rug


  • Create compost bin for chicken yard
  • Create raised bed for vegetable garden
  • Plant Wandering Jew and purchase some succulents for mud room


  • Move all book cases to one wall in spare room
  • Set up temporary sewing space in spare room

Better Health

  • Workouts: 8
  • Hike: 3
  • Dog walks: Daily in nice weather
  • Lose 10 pounds

Here’s to this month!


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