April Wrap Up

The first month of quarter of the year went – OK. I have discovered I am generally too busy and not getting things done that I want to. For the month of May I plan on slowing down and making my to do list much less aggressive – and accomplishing things.

I will be adjusting my budgeting to simplify which you will see on my May goals post.

I filed my taxes this month and owed a little more than I budgeted. I am making payments to the government so I have added a tax item in my debt category. I met with my payroll person and updated my withholdings so I will not have to pay next year. One of the things I did was increase my 401[k] contributions from 4% [which I just did] to 6% so my taxable income will be lowered. But, I am technically paying taxes for two years this year [payments for 2014 and regular deductions for 2015].

Bottom line? I think the government takes too much money. Period. Moving on…….

Net Worth

Last month my net worth was negative 11% [I said 10% but my calculation was off]. This month its still a negative number but down to 9%. I should be positive at the end of June. That doesn’t include an increase in my 401[k] contributions or additional savings so it could be earlier – we shall see. I was still paid overtime in April as well.

I have decided to break savings and retirement goals in to two separate categories. I have also added my second personal loan which I am currently not paying on but will start in June. Both personal loans are to my mother. I will write a separate post about that.


  • 401[k] personal: $140.74, actual $154.16 [increase $13.42]
  • 401[k] employer match: $70.37, actual $77.08 [increase $6.71]
  • IRA interest: $100, actual NA

Total: $211.11, actual $231.24 [increase $20.13] does not include IRA interest


  • Savings: $700, actual $637 [decrease $63]

Total: $700, actual $637 [difference $63] still an increase for savings of $637


  • Personal loan 1: $200, actual $200 payoff May 2020
  • Personal loan 2: $0, actual $0 payoff April 2020 [added to list this month]
  • Credit Card: $100, actual $100 payoff July 2015
  • Car payment: $200, actual $200 payoff July 2015
  • Key Bank: $43.57, actual $43.57 payoff August 2015
  • Taxes: $200, actual $200 payoff December 2015 [new]

Total: $543.57, actual $743.57 [difference $200 taxes]

The Great Outdoors

  • Camping at Rainbow Falls State Park [recap here]
  • Geocaches 6: actual; smileys [57] dnf [1] [trackables 1 [r] & 12 [d] and 2 [mng]*
  • Learn some archery: Nada

Hand Crafts

  • Hexipuffs 1 [slow month for Hexipuffs] suspect my goal done date will not be December 2015 but December 2016
  • Hanging storage for Marty
  • Start rehab folding wooden chairs and footstool on hold until I have space to work
  • Purchase chambray button down on hold due to nicer weather
  • Start woven pom pom rope rug next month
  • Make some gadget sewing projects on hold for until sewing space is set up
  • Make a knitted head band on hold for now


  • Create compost bin for chicken yard next month
  • Weeded and planted bed along back side of house
  • Put down visqueen in chicken yard for vegetable garden prep on hold for now [veggie garden may go somewhere else]
  • Plant Wandering Jew and purchase some succulents for mud room next month
  • Weed bed under birch tree next year
  • Plan yard; when and what to plant and where this has been started


  • Move all book cases to one wall in spare room next month
  • Set up temporary sewing space in spare room next month
  • Sort out mud room on hold for now [possible June]
  • Go through clothing in preparation for P333 starting in April: Started and am utilizing a spreadsheet [will do an update post soon] 

Better Health

  • Complete 10 workouts Due to illness this was on hold
  • Hike and Geocache on camping trip and other places Did hike and Geocache camping
  • Take dog on longer walks on weekend Started that on nice days
  • Lose 10 pounds Due to illness this was on hold

Here’s to this month!

* For the purposes of Geocaching, the notations above are [smileys] logged as found [dnf] did not find [r] retrieved, [d] discovered & [mng] meet n greet.


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