Road Trip: East Coast Style

Airline tickets have been purchased, our airport shuttle ride has been booked and we have house sitters to take care of our furry menegerie!

As mentioned in my May goals post, B and I are headed to the east coast to drive his friends car from Baltimore, MD to Tampa, FL. His friend works for NOAA and he moves about every two to four years. This next move they will be in Tampa for six years which will allow both of their kids to graduate from high school there [and for us to visit again – hello Disneyworld and Harry Potter land – yes I am a geek!].

We are flying in to Baltimore early Tuesday evening to arrive the next morning. We will spend part of Wednesday and all of Thursday seeing some sights in nearby DC [I hope to meet up with a friend that lives there too] and get our sea legs before we hit the road Friday for our drive south. The trip is a total of 1155 miles with us traveling down the coast so we thought we would break up the drive in to four days with our ultimate destination being Florida for a few days for sight seeing before we fly home. One of our destinations is Savannah, GA which both B and I really want to see. We will likely spend a couple nights there.

I had lived in Charlotte, NC about fifteen years ago and never made it to the East coast so am looking forward to that drive. Sounds like the itinerary will be as follows

  • Tuesday fly out to Baltimore [stay with friends]
  • Wednesday & Thursday go in to DC to see some museums [stay with friends]. I want to hit the Halacaust and Natural History museums].
  • Friday drive to Norfolk, VA [hotel]
  • Saturday drive to Wilmington, NC [hotel]
  • Sunday drive to Savannah, GA [hotel]
  • Monday Savannah, GA [hotel]
  • Tuesday drive to Tampa, FL [stay with friends]
  • Wednesday day in Winter Park, FL – Tiffany Museum [stay with friends]
  • Thursday day in St. Petersburg – Salvador Dali Museum & fly home that night to arrive home early Friday morning.
  • Friday head out to monthly camping trip

This is rather unexpected but would be less expensive than if we flew out there and did the trip ourselves. We won’t have to pay for a rental car at least.

I have still not finished up my P333 as I have discovered I am lacking in clothing for warmer weather. Our upcoming trip has given me the idea that I want to create a wardrobe of five outfits for the trip so I can wear each twice which will be easy to pack in a carry on and will update my wardrobe for warmer weather.

Of course we will take advantage of all six states to do some Geocaching along the way. Look for a post trip post and follow me on Instagram for photos during the trip!


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