Project 333 – Follow Up

As I mentioned back in October of 2014 I had read about Project 333. The concept is simple and I was a little nervous about “limiting” myself to what seemed like so little clothing options. Then I tried a version of it and realized I regularly use roughly 33 items of clothing in my everyday wardrobe. I kind of petered out over the holiday season and didn’t start back up again in January but it IS one of my goals for this year.

LastĀ month I kept track of what I wore on a spreadsheet. Turns out the three most popular items I wore were: a long grey cardi [20], grey wool flats [19] & black leggings [14]. Very monochromatic. Hmmm…..

I started ramping up for this current season which is April through June. I ran out of time before the start of the month to weed through my clothes so I am playing along still using my spreadsheet. I plan on getting my clothing gone through by the weekend and then will post my 33 items. As a reminder, the 33 items are your everyday clothing. This does not include undergarments, sleepwear, workout and specialized gear. I also do not include my Steampunk clothing in this but will be weeding through that soon as well.

This is western Washington and we have had a pretty mild winter but it can still get really cold at night. We usually don’t see any real warm weather until July or August. September and October can be really nice Indian summer here as well. Although in the last week of March we did have a 70 degree day so layering is going to be my friend for this season.

This will be the first “capsule wardrobe” I will be building and I know I am going to need some new items. I am looking forward to purging unwanted clothing that I just don’t wear or don’t love. Right now I fear I won’t have a lot left which leaves me room to acquire some things I have been wanting.

Even though I don’t have my capsule wardrobe completed yet, I have discovered my “uniform”. It usually consists of layering pieces with a cardi and scarf over jeans, a skirt or leggings. One caveat, I discovered recently I am allergic to the metal in the button on my jeans. I am not going to give up wearing jeans but I will need to modify them by putting moleskin or something on the portion that touches my skin [or get some granny panties – kidding].

There are some items I need to replace and have made myself a shopping list to acquire/make new pieces [these will be noted as acquisitions in my 33 items list]. I recently read on Un-Fancy that she shops at the end of each season for any new items she will need for the following season. I like this idea, not that I am a big shopper but it limits your time spent in stores [or online] and also the amount of money you spend as well as buying things you actually need. Bearing in mind I am losing weight so I am considering that in any new purchases as they may only be worn a few seasons. Alternations will be considered as well. If you are curious here is a link to “the rules“. Also, I found this You Tube video on the P333 blog which I felt was extremely helpful. I look forward to more of her posts!

Have you done Project 333? Have you discovered some unusual combinations you never would have with a larger wardrobe?


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