The Skinny on Weight Loss

I have been unsuccessfully trying to lose weight for years. I recommitted yet again at the beginning of this month. You know what? It’s hard!

It’s hard to move when you have extra weight on your body.

It’s hard to stay motivated when you have so far to go.

It’s hard to be “the fat girl”.

It’s hard to turn down the treats and yummy stuff.

But guess what? It gets easier. 

When I was growing up I played two sports a year. All the way through high school. I loved sports. I loved the competition. I loved the team spirit. I loved the friends I made.

Fast forward many years and I have put on “a little extra”. I am considered obese. I need to lose the equivalent of a small person. I think about it many times a day. I still have thoughts like “what does my BF see in me”. We have a great relationship and in spite of my weight a healthy physical one too (sorry TMI but you know you were wondering). My BF has recently gained a few pounds but he’s pretty much HWP.

I rarely take photos of myself and when I do I try to pose in the most flattering way possible. I don’t allow unflattering photos of me on FB – or anywhere.

The problem I have with weight loss is my perfectionism. The tiniest screw up and I am ready to start all over again next week. 

Yes working out is a struggle and I procrastinate. One thing I have discovered is if I just suit up and tell myself “after five minutes you can quit”. I find myself going for the rest of the DVD. 

Right now I am committed to four things.

Move more.

Eat clean.

Drink water.

No perfectionism – just do my best.

That’s it. I think those guidelines are sufficient to get me started. Let’s see where I am at the end of April.


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