Minimalism – What It Means To Me

Minimalism is a buzzword that is rampant on the internet these days. I discovered it a few years ago when I was still married. I embraced it then but my husband and SK’s at the time were not on the same page as I.

Fast forward a few years [and one divorce later] and minimalism is certainly achievable for me. When I moved in with the BF I brought very little initially, most of my large possessions are in a storage unit. This storage unit has been longer term than originally planned but I am slowly going through it, keeping only what I need for my life as I see it now and incorporating valuable items in to our combined household. A caveat to the storage unit is that later this summer we will be building my studio and many of the items in storage will be moved there and used daily.

Minimalism touches all parts of my life; from how I live in my personal environment, to the amount of craft supplies I keep, to the number of pieces of clothing I own, to what I pack on a camping trips or a longer vacation. It even impacts the amount of “stuff” I have stored on my computer and iPod to how many plants I have in the yard or pets I take care of. This post sums up minimalism pretty well. I feel my minimalism environment/wardrobe is colorful, eclectic and inviting. At least that is the goal anyway.

I am working on my Project 333 wardrobe even though the new season started April 1st [post coming soon] and I believe I want to have no more than one dresser and half the closet for all of my clothing – for all seasons [since out of season storage is limited]. I do dress up in Steampunk clothing and those items will likely be stored in my studio but even those pieces are subject to a purge.

One particular space I admire is the home of Dana Miller. Her home “the underdog” was purchased when she and her husband decided to downsize. At the time they had two little boys and a three bedroom ranch seemed perfect for them. One additional “surprise” child + one cat + three years and her home reflects not only her aesthetic but that of her young family. It’s cozy and comfortable and seems to fit the family very well for the way they live.

I am still on my journey to minimalism as I still have things to discard. The hardest items are the ones that I am emotionally attached to but don’t serve any real purpose. Sometimes it’s nice to have items like that and I certainly have memories but would like to keep the physical representations of some of those memories around. I do feel that items serving no purpose or are negative do not belong in my space weather physical or not.

The BF is also embracing minimalism. For years he has let others store things in his house, garage and on his property. He is working on getting all of these possessions off his property and either back to the owner or sell/donate if the owner is no longer interested.

Together we are creating a cohesive and calm yet colorful and fun environment for us together.


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