March Wrap Up

Wow we are one quarter through this new year. March went much better than February in some ways and not in others. Savings was awesome but I spent more than I would have liked eating out due to mandatory OT and being very tired because of it. It was a rough one working 50+ hours every week. My savings is super thankful but I am darn tired and the doctor had to prescribe an inhaler. It’s a temporary thing to help me kick the last of the cold I had at the beginning of February. So no real weight loss to report this month. Due to illness I had to take a break and rest and did not get much in the way of projects done.

Net Worth

I have not posted in the past my total net worth and if it’s negative or positive. I’m uncertain if I want to state it in percentages or real numbers. For now I will post a percentage which is negative 10%. I should be positive at the end of May. One good thing is I increased my 401[k] contributions. I found out that the company matches 4% not 3% like I was contributing so I boosted that up.

Savings/Retirement Goals

  • 401[k] personal: $140.74 goal exceeded by $11.47 [due to contribution increase] 
  • 401[k] employer match: $70.37 goal exceeded by $5.74 [due to contribution increase] 
  • IRA interest: $100 undetermined at this time. Having a problem with the online site.
  • Savings goal: $700 goal exceeded by $200
  • Slush goal: $55 goal exceeded by $5.38

Total Savings/Retirement goals: $1,066.11 goal exceeded by $222.59 [not including IRA interest]

Debt Payment Goals

  • Personal loan: $200 goal met payoff April 2020
  • Credit Card: $100 [carrying a balance this month] goal exceeded by $75 payoff May 2015
  • Car payment: $200 goal met payoff June 2015
  • Key Bank: $43.57 goal met payoff August 2015

Total debt payments goal: $543.57 goal exceeded by $75

The Great Outdoors

  • Camping at Washington Park [get the recap here]
  • Complete 6 Geocaches goal exceeded by 18
  • Learn some archery: We did bring bows and arrows camping but didn’t have time – next month I hope.

Hand Crafts

  • Made an additional 1 Hexipuffs for the Bee Keepers Quilt – slow month for Hexipuffs
  • Hanging storage for Marty – purchased fabric shoe rack to convert
  • Start rehab folding wooden chairs and footstool on hold until I have space to work
  • Purchase chambray button down next month
  • Start woven pom pom rope rug next month
  • Make some gadget sewing projects on hold for now
  • Make a knitted head band on hold for now


  • Create compost bin for chicken yard on hold for now
  • Weeded bed along back side of house
  • Put down visqueen in chicken yard for vegetable garden prep on hold for now [veggie garden may go somewhere else]
  • Plant Wandering Jew and purchase some succulents for mud room next month [got more cuttings of Wandering Jew]
  • Weed bed under birch tree next month
  • Plan yard; when and what to plant and where this has been started


  • Move all book cases to one wall in spare room next month
  • Set up temporary sewing space in spare room next month
  • Sort out mud room next month
  • Go through clothing in preparation for P333 starting in April: Started and will have to utilize a spreadsheet for the first couple days

Better Health

  • Complete 10 workouts Due to illness this was on hold
  • Hike and Geocache on camping trip and other places Did hike and Geocache camping
  • Take dog on longer walks on weekend Started that on nice days this past week
  • Lose 10 pounds Due to illness this was on hold

Here’s to this month!


3 thoughts on “March Wrap Up

  1. Hi, it sounded like you were writing about me. We have so much in common. I’ve got similar goals this year. You can find me at Good luck to you. Selena

    1. Thanks so much. I have been blogging for a while but feel I am rediscovering my voice and myself. Just popped over to read your most recent blog post. Love it and look forward to reading more!

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