March Camping

This month we headed out to Washington Park in Anacortes. It’s not a far drive from where we live, perhaps an hour and a half without traffic. I have actually only been to the city of Anacortes once. WOW this park was really great! Lots of trails to hike and explore, a beach area and Geocaching galore.

We got a later start than we wanted and arrived in the dark around 9:30. We had reserved our site already and after setting up our van headed to another site for some beers around the campfire. Another great turnout, we had 8 busses with 16 people, 7 dogs and 1 cat in all.

The next morning we had a potluck breakfast that included sausage, bacon, individual omelets, scones, fruit and of course coffee.


A couple from Connecticut stopped by as we were finishing up breakfast. They are moving to the Seattle area in June and wanted to meet us VW folks. They found us through our FB page.


After breakfast we hit the 2 miles long loop road that winds through the forest for some Geocaching. There are trails down to the beach and many really cool sites to see.

hike trail 1

crazy tree

There were several accesses to beaches but some of them were a bit steep. The photo below was taken by Dug. Two if his dogs were determined to go down to the beach. His Corgy [Sausage] kept trying but we eventually moved on.

cliff jumping

VW people have so much fun!


I helped find a couple cashes and after being out for a couple hours and the prospect of another several hiking I went back to camp. On my way back to the van I spied three deer who really didn’t mind me being around.


I read for a while then had a nice nap with Beej.

napping beej

Turns out it was smart of me to head back as B and our friend Dug were gone for a few more hours and some of the trails they were on were pretty crazy. Dinner was another potluck of ravioli, Panini’s and pasta.

Carol brought her two teenage sons and they each brought a friend. We had a blast with them around the campfire playing games using film quotes and Geography. Carol brought along a bunch of instruments and we had an impromptu drum/guitar circle.

The next morning was another potluck breakfast but this time we included Bloody Mary’s made by yours truly with peppered asparagus garnish [sorry didn’t take a photo]. We packed up camp and decided to finish the loop via van and try a few more cashes. Below is Carol drinking CafĂ© de Leche out of a Van de Kamp bean can. Crazy gal!

van de kamps

We attempted to find a Geocache we couldn’t not locate the day before. We still were stumped.


We found a really cool glacial erratic [a gouge in the rock made by glaciers many years ago] with a cache nearby.


This is a different shot with Dug dogs and B and I in the background. That is Gus, Toby and Sausage [L to R].

erratic 2

This is a view of Rasaro Straight. I love how windblown the tree is but still manages to have some green. The base is several trees that wound around each other. The water was a pretty sea glass green color.


After hitting a couple more caches we headed home. Last stop on the way was a trip to Skagit River Brewery in Mount Vernon. Dinner and some whiskey barrel aged stout and we were good to go. In fact, we hit three more caches after that. We rolled in to our driveway around 9:30 and I was one tired girl. Minimal unloading and we hit the sack.

We did bring two recurve and two long bows but did not have the time for archery this weekend. Perhaps next time. Next month Rainbow Falls State Park.

If you live in the greater Seattle area and have a suggestion for a great place to camp please let me know!


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