House: The Yard

I mentioned in January B and I have plans for the yard this year. There is a 1/3 of an acre and that is quite a bit of yard to work on/mow. I started two weeks ago by weeding the blueberry bed and pulling the grass away from an additional large blueberry bush, fertilized, edged and added new soil. Looking at the bushes I think we are going to have a bumper crop this year. Way more than the two berries [yes that is NOT a typo] we had last year. Admittedly we didn’t pay much attention to the yard and I didn’t move in until August. Excited to add berries to pancakes or in scones!

blueberry pancaskes

A couple weekends ago I started weeding the bed behind the house and discovered Irises and tulips coming up. The plan for that bed is still to put shade loving plants in and the goal is to have green year round. For now I am going to leave the bed alone until I can divide the Irises and know how much room I will have for other plants [photo below is clearly under a tree but I like how they have incorporated iris]. There is a space under the kitchen window which is a drain field. I uncovered pavers and will fill in with pea gravel and some pots for annuals. We have a flower box in front of the kitchen window I plan to fill with impatiens and will cycle in some color for winter in the form of cyclamen.

iris in shade garden

On the east end of the house [near the blueberries] we have a few random roses planted. This was left over from a previous exuberant rose planting. Currently there are four bushes and we have four others around the yard that will be moved [one I managed to move earlier this week by myself in about 40 minutes]. So far the plan is to delineate two more beds by the blueberries. One for roses and one for other plants and will include veggies. Something like the photo below but a bit larger. This will leave less grass for B to mow and will prevent weird bed shapes and hardship mowing between them.

rose garden with other plants

In between the three beds I would like to incorporate a rock path like the photo below.  I would also like to use this path idea in the woodland area ending at a bench covered by an arbor and some trumpet vine and jasmine to go with the honeysuckle that is already there.


In the woodland area I will be transplanting a few ferns from other parts of the yard as well as hosta, bleeding heart [one I already own that is coming back in a pot and a few other colors/varieties] and Solomon’s Seal. We shall also plant clumping bamboo as a screen from the neighbors yard. My mom is going to give me a cutting of a Rhodie called Sappho. I have never been a huge rhoadie fan but I loooove this one!

sappho rhodie

This weekend we are headed out camping and next week I will complete my preparations for P333 to start in April. I will follow up with an update on the yard with photos from our yard in early April.

What kind of gardening plans do you have this year?


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