March Goals

So, this is the month I get back on track with eating healthy and exercising. The winter has been mostly mild and I am looking forward to spring. This entire month I have to work a mandatory of 10 hours a week in overtime [I already did that the last week of February]. I refuse to work on the weekend so that means 5 ten hour days a week and going to bed early. It’s been brutal!

Net Worth

I want to continue the momentum I have with my savings and since I will be working overtime all this month, expect to put more than my originally planed $200 in savings.

Savings/Retirement Goals

  • 401[k] personal: $140.74 [more due to OT]
  • 401[k] employer match: $70.37 [more due to OT]
  • IRA interest: $100
  • Savings goal: $700 [$500 more due to OT]
  • Slush goal: $55 [based on actual of previous month]

Total Savings/Retirement goals: $1066.11

Debt Payment Goals

  • Personal loan: $200 payoff April 2020
  • Credit Card: $100 [used last month and will be carrying a balance this month] payoff May 2015
  • Car payment: $200 payoff June 2015
  • Key Bank: $43.57 payoff August 2015

Total Debt Payment Goals: $543.57

The Great Outdoors

  • Camping at Washington Park
  • Complete 6 Geocaches
  • Learn some archery

Hand Crafts


  • Create compost bin for chicken yard
  • Weed and plant bed along back side of house
  • Put down visqueen in chicken yard for vegetable garden prep
  • Plant Wandering Jew and purchase some succulents for mud room
  • Weed bed under birch tree
  • Plan yard; when and what to plant and where


  • Move all book cases to one wall in spare room
  • Set up temporary sewing space in spare room
  • Sort out mud room
  • Go through clothing in preparation for P333 starting in April

Better Health

  • Complete 10 workouts
  • Hike and Geocache on camping trip and other places
  • Take dog on longer walks on weekend
  • Lose 10 pounds

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