February Wrap Up

The second month of the year started off with me being sick. In the first week I spent three days at home in bed or on the couch. Whatever crud was going around it kicked my but! Needless to say working out was not gonna happen until I got better.

Then work decided to implement ten hours a week of mandatory overtime. This started the last week of the month and will continue through the end of March. I’m not happy about it but do plan on putting my OT pay in savings.

Net Worth

This month went a lot more according to plan with no surprises finance-wise. [Can I get a whoop whoop up in here ?!?!?!?!]

I did utilize my credit card for more than gas. We had a surprise toga party for a friends 50th birthday and I used my card to buy supplies for the party which has been reimbursed by her husband. So the credit card looks like I paid more than the beginning of the month goal. It was increased by those expenses.

I am introducing two more line items; a new slush account and a debt I forgot to disclose at the beginning of the year.

  • I already have a slush in my checking account which will be used to purchase Christmas gifts at the end of the year. I will now have one in my savings of $1,000. This is the additional amount I took from my retirement withdrawal which I would like to never dip below.
  • I borrowed money from my personal 401[k] summer 2013 to pay my bankruptcy attorney fees. I borrowed the money over five years knowing full well I was going to pay it back early. A deduction of $17.67 is taken from each bi weekly paycheck [$35.34 per month with the exception of the two months I get paid three times]. I actually plan to pay it off at the end of this year.

Savings/Retirement Goals

  • 401[k] personal $140.74 – goal met
  • 401[k] company match $70.37 – goal met
  • IRA interest $100 – pending transfer to IRA complete
  • Savings goal $200 – goal deficit by $75
  • Savings slush goal $1,000 – goal met 
  • Slush goal $80 – goal deficit by $24.66

Total savings/retirement goals: $1,591.11, actual $1,391.45 deficit by $199.66 [still pending IRA interest so not completely accurate]

Debt Payment Goals

  • Personal loan $200 – goal met expected payoff April 2020
  • Divorce attorney $324 – goal met paid in full
  • Tires $100 – goal met paid in full
  • Credit Card $338.56. Actual $565.75 – goal exceeded $227.19 paid in full
  • CC Charges Feb $135.78 – goal met paid in full
  • Car payment $200 – goal met expected payoff June 2015
  • Key Bank $43.57 – goal met expected payoff August 2015
  • Dentist $287.50 – goal met paid in full
  • 401[k] Loan $35.34 – goal met expected payoff December 2015

Total debt payments goal $1,664.75. Actual $1,891.94 – goal exceeded $227.19

Additional Debts Accrued – none

Total balance at the end of the month – $27.53 [MUCH better than last month!]

The Great Out [and in] doors

  • Attended the Cirque du Soleil show Kurios in Steampunk finery with a large group of friends.
  • Had a surprise 50th toga party for a friend.
  • Valentine’s day [day after as B was not feeling well on Saturday] played putt putt at Willows Run golf course and had beers at Black Raven brewing with B and a friend.
  • Spent our 2nd anniversary at Freemont Brewing, ate at Café Turko and completed a Geogach.
  • Attended a Mardi Gras party and discovered a new board game DiXit..
  • Went to dinner and a concert, St John and the Broken Bones with some friends for a birthday celebration.
  • Camped at Salt Creek state park, get the recap here.
  • Geocaches completed: 8

Hand Crafts

  • Hexipuffs made for Bee Keepers Quilt: 7


  • Weeded blueberry bed and lone blueberry bush


  • Nada

Better Health

  • Hiked and Geocashed on our camping trip
  • Total pounds lost: Maintained – sick this month

Wow month two went fast and I am happy with my progress and ready for spring!


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