February Camping

B and I headed out a bit early in the day to Salt Creek near Sequim out on the peninsula. Before we headed out we placed a Geobug on Marty. The ferry wait was about an hour and a half so even with best intentions we still arrived in the dark, albeit earlier than normal. It was a surprisingly large group for February but we lucked out with pretty great weather. The campground gate closes at 7:00 in the winter, because of its location we did not have cell service unless you wanted to use Canadian rates [weird] and we had to wait for a car to come out of the campground to activate the gate for us to get in. Kind of a frustrating start.

The Bus Group

In all there were seven busses and Sparkles [I have mentioned Sparkles before in a previous camping post]. Five of the busses and Sparkles [photo above] were camped in an open area. Our bus and Dug’s were camped in a site near them. We had a campfire the first night in the open area above. Early in the morning, about 3:00 AM it rained pretty hard but our site was protected by a bunch of cedar trees.

The next morning we headed down to the water for low tide and the tide pools. All kinds of amazing things to see and Beej was a sport on the barnacle covered rocks. His pads were pretty OK afterwards too. He climbed all over the place [he’s part Chihuahua so in cold weather he wears a sweater].

Beej at Tide Pools

We saw a lot of interesting sea creatures in the tide pools. Sea Anemonies, Sea Urchins, Sea Stars, Mussels, Chitons and Crabs [photos below are Dug’s].


Sea Urchin


Sea Anemone

A group including B and our friend Dug went on what was supposed to be a small hike to find a couple Geocaches Saturday afternoon. I started out with them but was tired and decided on taking a nap. I’m glad I did as they were gone four hours and hiked approximately ten miles. When I woke up and it was getting dark so I started a fire. About twenty minutes later they rolled in. They found one of two Geocaches while out. Below is a shot from our campsite, the peak in the photo is where they climbed up to.

Peak Climb

That night we all sat around the campfire at our site.


The next morning, Dug and B went to explore more tide pools in a different part of the shoreline. I stayed at camp, stoked the fire and read a book, Tigers in Red Weather. So far it’s pretty good. I also brought my knitting but didn’t attempt any this weekend.

After a hearty breakfast and some tug of war between a couple of the dogs we headed out to find another Geocache.

Tug of War

This one started at an obelisk that marked a point in the water where the ship the Diamond Knot went down. We had to use compass skills and some math to figure out the waypoints to find the cache. Below is B at the beginning of the cache looking very serious.

Geocaching is serious stuff

This is a clue and we needed to use a number found on this hydrant to get to the final area where the cache was hidden.


Victory is ours!

Found It

It was a fun search and I learned something new. The final cache was hidden near “a witness” which happened to be a mark for surveying.

On the way home we stopped at Hood Canal Brewery and shared a pizza.


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