I have mentioned on the blog before that B and I do a bit of Geocaching. I had done it several years ago with the ex and a GPS. Now I just use my smart phone app. We Geocache when we are camping but you can do it virtually anywhere. It’s free and its fun! I paid the $30 for an annual premium membership which really is not a lot for the amount of fun you can have.

There are puzzle caches and multi caches. There are many ways to get out and be creative with this hobby!

To give you an idea, this is a screen shot near my house. The green dots are Geocaches and the yellow smiley faces are ones I have found.

Screen Shot

Many of the caches have stuff you can take, the common courtesy is if you take something you should leave something. These are all inexpensive tchotchkes, but sometimes you find a Travel Bug. These are tags with their own web page and when people find them, they log them and then rehide them. You can follow along on your travel bug’s journey through the Geocaching website.

Recently I bought a few travel bugs. One of them I have attached to a small stuffed Penguin and its goal is to travel the world, kind of like the Roaming Gnome. I have not hidden the penguin yet but will bring it along with me this weekend when we go camping. There are three Geocaches we want to find and if the container is big enough I will put him in there. I purchased a total of five travel bugs, four that are the tag like ones [two for me and two for B] and one that we are going to put on Marty. Our friend Dug has one on his bus.

Paisley Trackable

Here is the link to my first travel bug with my penguin [seen above and I have no idea why the photo is sideways]. My hope is he will travel the world and it will be documented well.

Do any of you Geocache? What kind of fun caches or things have you found?


4 thoughts on “Geocaching

  1. Love to Geocache. Found #500 not long ago. ( ID is gid0047) Have been caching since 2011. Its great for road trips. I love to venture out to country roads, park and walk. I have seen some pretty neat caches that you ‘stumped’ me as to even come up with one off the top of my head. Last one was a crawfish toy in LA.

      1. Likewise. I started it with an ex and his kids.I was made to feel guilty for doing it after I left. But back into it as well here and there. Happy hunting to you and the BF.

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