Anniversary Year Two

Yesterday was B and my second anniversary. We generally don’t buy lavish gifts but do give each other cards and he bought me flowers. We celebrated by hitting Freemont Brewing for some B Bomb [short for Bourbon Abominable – a Bourbon barrel aged beer].


They have awesome seating areas including two sets of “risers” with chalk board paint in between the stairs, groupings of curved chairs, long tables with benches [in and outside] and an area that has a little fireplace. It’s super cozy. Kids [there is a bin of toys] and dogs are allowed and they provide pretzels and apples to much on. You can bring food in as well.

B Bomb

Then we went to a new favorite restaurant Café Turko for Turkish food and coffee. This was our second visit [our first being the previous Friday]. It’s a great little place up the hill from Freemont Brewing. The kitchen is open to the restaurant area and they sell rugs and jewelry and all sorts of imported items.

After that we went searching for a Geocach called “Behind the Wall” [how ominous] which happened to take us near the Freemont Troll. It’s a bit of a hike from where we were but the night was pleasant and we found the cache without too much problem.

freemont troll

If you are in the great Seattle area I highly recommend Freemont Brewing, Café Turko, The Freemont Troll AND Geocaching which has it’s corporate office in Freemont [the center of the known universe].


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