January Wrap Up

Recovering from the loss of yesterday = Blue Monday. So bummed, all we had to do was hand it off to Marshawn. Still proud of the Hawks back to back Super Bowl appearances! Next year just sayin!

I'm Still In

And now back to my regularly scheduled life…

The first month of the year has come and gone and I have been able to put my 2015 plan in to action. Here is how I did……

Net Worth

Remember that bubble I mentioned that I don’t live in? Yeah…..

I had a larger than expected vet bill as Beej developed a rash. Also, a trip to the dentist for me for a cracked tooth and crown.

I paid for the vet with my credit card which meant I didn’t have any room to use it to help pay my dentist [I have a small limit – rebuilding credit]. They agreed on two separate payments on my pay days. Problem was, no matter how I worked the numbers I could not come up with all I needed to pay them for the second half.

This forced me to be creative and look somewhere I was not expecting.

I will disclose in a separate post why I chose to withdraw money from a retirement account. Here is how the numbers sorted out…..

Savings/Retirement Goals

  • 401[k] #1 personal: $211.11 – goal met
  • 401[k] #1 company match: $105.56 – goal met
  • 401[k] #2 divorce settlement goal [interest]: $100  – goal exceeded by $23.27
  • Savings goal: $235. Actual $200 – deficit $35
  • Slush goal: $90 [based on previous month]. Actual $80.50 – deficit $9.50

Total savings/retirement goals: $741.67. Actual $720.44 – deficit $21.23

Debt Payment Goals

  • Personal loan: $200. Actual $0 [used to pay dentist] – deficit $200 
  • Divorce attorney: $50 – goal met
  • Tires: $50 – goal met
  • Credit card: $25. Actual $105 – exceeded by $80
  • Car payment: $200 – goal met
  • Key Bank: $43.57 – goal met

Total debt payments goal: $568.57. Actual $448.57 – deficit $120

Additional Debts Accrued

The dental bill and credit card balances will be moved in to regular budgeted items for next month.

  • Vet: $153.03. Actual $0 – deficit $153.03 [credit card]
  • Credit Card: $250.01. Actual $105 + $.45 [gas credit] – deficit $144.56
  • Dentist: $561.50. Actual $280.75 – deficit $280.75

Total additional debt: $964.54. Actual paid $386.20 – deficit $578.34

Total balance at the end of the month – deficit $719.57. Yikes!

The Great Outdoors

  • Camped at Grayland Beach State Park. Get the rainy/windy recap here.
  • Completed three Geocaches in our neighborhood.

Hand Crafts

  • Purchased pattern and yarn to start the Bee Keepers Quilt. Hexi puffs made: 15.
  • Decided against utensil storage and repurposed my silverware in a clear zip lock bag [duct tape comes in handy – no need to be fancy].
  • Started my “go to” recipe binder.
  • Purchased black leggings [denim button down will be in February].
  • Decided against making the cooking spray.
  • Hanging storage for Marty [pushed to February].
  • Compost bin [I need a compost bin for yard first – pushed to February].
  • Citrus enzyme cleaner [pushed to February].
  • Bathroom storage nixed. Bonus – did repurpose a lazy Susan for lotion storage.


No gardening to speak of. I am making plans for what I want to do when the weather get’s nicer.


  • All of my boxes residing in the spare room have been gone through and contents placed in new homes, sold or donated.
  • Moved six boxes of B’s to storage.
  • Have made plans for the spare room in the coming month.

Better Health

  • Hiked and Geocashed on our camping trip and in our neighborhood.
  • Total pounds lost: 8.

I am happy with the progress I made this month and will be posting my February goals tomorrow.


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