Bee Keepers Quilt Update

I started the Bee Keepers Quilt at the beginning of the month and I have dedicated a year to complete it. Last night I purchased more yarn: Pattens Classic Wool in Sea Green Heather & Dark Grey Heather, Lion Brand Cotton Ease in Seaspray and Bernat Satin in Sage. Tonight I am finishing up my fifteenth Hexipuff.

I did bring my yarn camping two weeks ago but there was just too much moisture in the air to get much accomplished. My bamboo needles and my yarn were NOT cooperating!

Camping and Knitting

All in all I find this project really satisfying. I’m LOVING the colors I chose. Basically a bunch of watery sea colors in blues, greens and greys. I did buy a self striping colorway in blues last night but it has too much white in it for me to want to use I think.


The colors are not very well represented in the photo above. The one on the knitting needles is a charcoal grey and the one right next to it is a  grey that is darker in person. The green behind the charcoal grey is really a pretty green and not as yellow in person. The one next to the yellowy green is a pretty aqua. About the only color that looks true is the really brilliant turquoise [almost lapis] towards the back on the right. I will try to take a better photo for color purposes.

This project may take me longer than a year. If I only managed 15 in a month, at that rate I would only have 180 at the end of the year and I believe I need something closer to 365 – that is one a day!


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