House: My Studio

The BF and I are crafty people. We along with four cats and a dog live in a 900 square foot house. Both of us need “alone” time. He get’s it in the garage and I will be getting mine in my very own studio this spring. The BF will be constructing a 10 x 12 structure for me. Basically a glorified shed – one that has electricity and heat.


I sew and knit, am working on a screenplay and want to reupholster/repurpose furniture.  A space dedicated to these endeavors will be a dream come true. Of course I have a Pinterest page for inspiration to implement once the structure is built and will be footing the bill for half of the construction materials and all of the interior décor. Conveniently many of my 2015 craft projects are for the studio.

I envision a cozy space incorporating repurposed and industrial styled pieces. A place where I can sew, knit, read and write. It will be heated by a small wall heater that I plan on adding a mantle and surround to. This area will be outfitted with a cozy chair [example of the couch below] rug [who doesn’t love pompoms?], some Indian lanterns overhead [possibly a Mehndi paint pattern in the corner] and a pouffe [for the dog] so I can read and knit. The mixed tartan plaid plaques I feel would be a great addition over the mantle. The examples below probably seem a bit crazy and don’t coordinate. These are examples of the concept I am going for. It will all flow color wise. I do tend to like things that do not go together. Obviously the fireplace surround example is larger than I will need but I love the metal surround with a chunky piece of wood for the mantle.

Fireplace Surround

Blanket Sofa

Indian Lanterns

Mehndi paint

Wall Plaques



The main space will have medium grey walls with the entire back wall created from repurposed wood. Accents of my favorite colors peacock blue, aqua and ocean green [like in the wreath below]. My sewing space will be against that back wall and constructed from plumbing pipe and wood. The great thing about that concept it is so customizable! I have two possible décor options for my sewing chair. Either covered it in a plaid or have a fun peacock blue print. The wood will be stained a dark color. Pendant lights fashioned from glass insulators we received from B’s grandparents will hang over the space. I have always loved the look of them. They may not be bright enough for task lighting but I think they will look awesome. We have blue, green, white and one amethyst. Of course I would like to use the blue and green ones.

Repurposed Wall of Wood

Industrial Sewing Area

 Leather & Plaid Chair

Sewing Chair

Insulator Pendants

Peacock Wreath

As tempting as it is to install radiant floor heating we will likely go with wood flooring in order to keep this project within budget. Depending on the cost a stained concrete floor could be an option or possibly ceramic tile that looks like wood. There will be at least two windows and possibly a skylight. I have flirted with the idea of installing a garden window for starting seeds but am not certain I want to invite dirt and water in to the space. There will definitely be house plants though. Oh and twinkle lights are a must!

Stained concrete floor

Ceramic Tile Wood Floor

Jade Plant

If you are a knitter or sewer you know how all about “collecting” fabric and yarn. Along one wall I will have closed storage for my fabric and yarn as well as notions and reference books. I plan to create an apothecary cabinet from an IKEA shelving unit I have. I also like the idea of a frame for old suitcases that act as drawers. I have an old Philco radio that I want to convert to an iPod docking station that will sit on top of the unit [the one pictured below is a standing unit that someone converted]. Who doesn’t like an item that pulls double duty? I have a great aqua blue fan and the addition of a clock face shouldn’t be too hard that will also sit on the cabinet.

Closed Storage

Suitcase Drawers

Philco Radio

Fan Clock

Other décor will consist of maps and film posters. If you have been to a Bucca di Beppo their walls are covered in photos and all sorts of crazy things. It’s kind of like the gallery wall concept on steroids. I may do that but will start with a few simple things.


Map Garland

The entry in to the space will be a sliding barn door so I can move larger furniture pieces in and out easily. The space will be close to the garage so I can access power tools and air compressor for reupholstering projects. On the exterior I will have window boxes and a trellis to plant a clematis, trumpet vine, jasmine and Blue Passion Vine.

Trumpet Vine

Blue Passion Vine

There will be at least two windows in the space and I have some knobs and plates I want to repurpose in to curtain tie backs. I really like the patina of the red below but I will probably do a blue green color wash on the plate.

Tie Back

I am super excited for this project to get under way but I know I can start on some of the items for it before hand.


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