Quitting Sugar Update

So it’s been three and a half weeks since I quit sugar. This is only supposed to be a temporary thing and I get to add “good” sugar back in a few weeks.

The first two weeks I did pretty well. We were at the local pub with friends and they ordered pizza from our favorite place. I thought if I only ate the toppings I would be OK – forgot about tomato sauce. Ah well.

I lost about seven pounds in my first two weeks and then we went camping and I had scones and pizza. Total  crash and I slept for half a day afterwards. I gained a pound back from all that sugar.

Week three came and went and I managed pretty well. No huge cravings or anything.

I am now in week four. I have not been exercising as I have been kinda tired and want to get my eating in order. I honestly don’t think I am eating enough food. Last Saturday night we did so some Geocaching in our neighborhood and I did walk at least a couple miles. I am also working on increasing my water intake as that should help.

I definitely have cut down on Starbucks visits by making at home or drinking from the fancy Starbucks machine at the office. I was getting a Flat White and then yeah, saw the amount of sugar in one of those. Geez!

I am not aiming to be perfect and I will tweak this as I go. I would say my main accomplishment is not giving up when I do stumble and starting over next Monday. So it’s a work in progress. B and I don’t eat out nearly as often and I have been pretty good about making the best choice for me when we do.

I forgot to weigh myself this morning but am hopeful I went down some more.


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