January Camping

Over the weekend we went camping to Grayland Beach State Park which is about a three hour drive from our house. We got there pretty late Friday night. Enough time to situate our van and have a beer around the campfire.

The next day started windy and rainy. There were 8 of us, 6 of which I would call the regular camping crew that go no matter what the weather. We had a potluck breakfast of eggs and sausage and Jane made scones in her camping oven. They were awesome and I broke my no sugar rule for them.

Camp Oven

There was a lot of standing water in our site and it increased the next morning.

A Lake at our Site

It was pretty cold at the site but I did attempt some knitting. I finished the other half of this Hexi Puff for my Bee Keepers quilt and started another but my fingers were not cooperating and my bamboo needles didn’t like the moisture.


The park is huge and there were a ton of people looking for clams out on the beach. Below is a photo bomb selfie with B peeking out from behind me, Jane and Dug.

January Camping Selfi

In the afternoon we found a Geocash under a log on the beach. We headed out to find another and after a half mile realized the weather was picking up and it was getting dark so turned back for camp. Below, Dug, Stuart, B and two of Dug’s dogs.

January Geocach

On our way back Jane had texted us there was a 40 mile an hour wind warning. We got back to camp and had a potluck dinner of Kielbasa, peppers and onions and Jane made camping Panini sammies. We had lashed our two easy ups together and ratchet strapped them to spare tires to keep them from blowing away. The winds were really too much and our easy up was damaged. We took the covers off and left the frames up, picked up everything that wouldn’t blow away and all headed to our vans just before six in the evening.

We always have games with us so B and I played Yahtzee in the van. Six rounds, we each won three and he beat me by one point. The lantern gave off plenty of light and did a great job of warming us up.


Jane came over [we only had room for one more person in our van] and we played Phase 10.

B is Cozy

The passenger seat swivels around and a handy table B rigged up in the van made playing games super easy. Cozy! We went to bed around midnight and wow did the wind blow over night!

The next morning it was balmy and pretty nice out. We started putting out our wet clothing to dry off and hit the showers for a warm up. We moved over to some friends camp for another potluck breakfast and a campfire. One thing we do well on our trips is – EAT! A photo of my breakfast scramble and a little “garnish”.


Below, another friends van seen through campfire smoke and vegetation.

Van Camping

After breakfast we headed in to town to watch the Seahawks game. Originally we were going to go to the Westport Winery but they could not get the sound on for the game. We ended up at Half Moon Bay Bar & Grill to watch the game.

Dug had quite the hair going on.

Big Wave Dug

Oh what a game it was! It was not looking good for the Hawks and we ended up scoring 15 points in 44 seconds at the end of the game. The Packers tied it up and then we won in OT. WOW! Truly exciting and nerve wracking.


After that we decided to look for another Geocash. It was up on a bluff overlooking the ocean. The dogs got to run around [except Beej – who was napping the van]. He didn’t care to much for the weather this weekend.


After that we hit to road to head home. Dug, B and I ended up at Engine House No. 9 for dinner. B and I split a pizza [oh yum and breaking my no sugar rule again] and we enjoyed a bourbon barrel aged beer and a porter. We got home pretty late and crashed out. Stay tuned for our next camping adventure!




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