Hair Fun

I have never been shy about adding a little funkiness to my wardrobe or me [my nose is pierced and I have three tattoos]. I have a friend who has short hair and at age 60 has been bleaching and coloring it some pretty fun colors. Many years ago I purchased some clip in hair pieces in fun colors and would wear them occasionally. I went that route as I was not certain what color I wanted to go with and I could coordinate with what I was wearing.

When I am ready to do something, I am ready. A couple months ago I had it in my mind that I wanted to color some of my hair. I was obsessed with peekaboo highlights and wanted peacock blue ones. The photo below shows what I wanted to do [my hair is shorter].

Peek A Boo Peacock

So my friend who colors her hair said she wanted to do it. I originally wanted a streak in my bangs and some peekaboo highlights. Something fun and easy to maintain [could probably do it myself eventually] as far as finances are concerned. There was a drawback. The fresh color mixed with my sweat when I slept and stained my neck. After experimenting it took lemon juice to get it off. It’s vegetable dye so came out of my pillowcase no problem.

I started looking on Pinterest for ideas and came across these photos.

Steampunk Peacock Hair

Who doesn’t love some Steampunk mixed with your colorful hair?

Long Peacock Hair

Or some long curly locks with a little peacock blue in them?

The color was awesome and I loved it! A few weeks latter this same friend went to a fund raiser and won a cut and color at a studio and gifted it to me. So of course I went for a little more color. I still had the blue neck situation for about a week so may not do color under my hair next time. Here is a glimpse of mine…

Blue Hair Eye

This photo below shows more of the color but it’s really blue. It was more peacock in person. This was the day I got the color.

Really Blue

I may just keep the top that you see in this photo. The other one of me is a more realistic color. Have you done anything crazy with your hair?


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