Weight Loss

One of my focuses this year is to lose some weight and tone my body. Last spring I purchased a workout series called The Venus Factor. The workout is pretty hard, in fact there are some moves I could just not do in the beginning [hello triceps raises I’m talking to you!]. I have never been consistent with it and then I injured my right knee really badly at the beginning of August. In fact, it’s still partly numb but I can at least workout.

So, it’s a new year and I am back on the health bandwagon [who isn’t] as far as consistent workouts are concerned. Going from sedentary to working out five days a week will make my head explode so I decided Tuesday & Thursday evenings using Venus and Saturdays doing Yoga would be a good start. This week I was super tired and admittedly did not work out. However, I did lose 5 pounds since the beginning of the new year. Woohoo!

I also ran across a book called the I Quit Sugar Cookbook and subsequently a website. A lot of what she said made so much sense. There were a few things I would have to give up for six weeks that I thought might be challenging. Giving up my iced mochas from Starbucks I thought would be the worst but in actuality was not that bad. Today is day five not going to Starbucks. Another positive to that is the money I will save as my drink costs me $3.67! I am drinking coffee at work. We have a fancypants coffee machine from Starbucks. I am doing that in the morning with a very small amount of creamer.

Monday January 5, 2015 I started not eating sugar. B is super supportive and really tries hard to not tempt me and help cook for the way I am eating now. He has a dairy allergy [not as bad as it used to be at least] but he understands not being able to eat certain things even if you want to. Last night we were chatting and I was telling him I expected to be cranky and get a headache and was surprised. I REALLY did want potatoes with dinner though [not sugary but starchy so giving those up for the next 6 weeks as well]. He told me the first couple days I was a bit more intense but have chilled out since then. Kind of bothered me I didn’t notice for myself.

I recently came across Tracy Anderson and ordered two of her DVD workouts; Precision Toning & Method for Beginners. They should arrive today. I got them from Amazon which was a significant savings over her website [more than half]. Plus I have Prime so 2-day shipping is free.

My health goals for this month are…

  • Weight: Down 10 pounds
  • Workouts: Complete 9
  • Sugar: Continue 4 weeks of no sugar [the plan is 6 weeks and then I can add it back in but mindfully]

Here’s to a new body in 2015!


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