Bee Keepers Quilt

I meant to post this yesterday, then I would have been on a roll with three posts in three days in the New Year. However, I am still doing well with almost half of what I did for the entire year of 2014 in the first four days of the new year. I brought my knitting with me and enjoyed some Jewbelation 16 with my sweetie at the local pub.

The Bee Keeper’s Quilt is one of my chosen crafts for 2015 and will probably take me all year to complete. I chose this craft project to start out the new year for various reasons.

  • It’s small and easily transportable. I can knit in the car or on a plane or around the campfire.
  • The initial [and overall] investment was minimal [$5.50 for the pattern and $30 for three skeins of sock weight yarn, #4 bamboo DPN’s, polyfill stuffing and crochet hooks].
  • I love the fact that even though it’s a quilt which normally one assumes is made with fabric, this one is made up of little hexagonal shaped stuffed knitted pieces [technically fabric I created] called “hexipuffs”.
  • I don’t have to buy all the yarn up front. I can make hexipuffs to my hearts content out of yarn as I go and buy more or finish other projects.
  • I expect that many wonderful memories will be wrapped up in the knitting of this quilt over the year.
  • Each hexipuff feels like a finished project all on it’s own. I just add to my collection and when I have enough I can put them all together.

I believe this quilt will probably reside in the living room but may come on some camping trips and possibly migrate to my studio when its completed.

Here is a progress photo of two completed Hexipuffs and a third WIP.


I started on this Friday night but it was late and after three false starts decided to go to bed and start the next day with a fresh pair of eyes [and hands – wow I have not knit in a LONG time!]. The blue one on the right was the first one I made [slightly bigger than normal but oh well – I assume this pattern is somewhat forgiving] and took about two hours with some false starts and you tube reviews to remember how to do some stitches. The grey one was the second and I think I did much better on that one. It took me about an hour which seems to be consistent.

I didn’t stuff mine really full as I wanted a more flat hexipuff as opposed to a ball of fluff. Below is the photo from Pinterest and an example of how it will look when finished.


I purchased three colors of yarn so I would not get bored making the same colored hexipuffs for days on end; Mallard Teal, Glacier Bay & Heather Grey. My goal is to use grey’s, blue’s and green’s. I think I want a light look to the quilt so may only use the super saturated colors sparingly. I like how some of the Hexipuffs in the example above have stripes because of the chosen yarn. I don’t think I will add poppy or violet’s on any of mine.


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