2014 Camping – Year In Review

Although I didn’t post about each trip, B and I had 17 camping expeditions in 2014. Most of these were with B’s Volkswagen club The Cascade Kombis. A few of these adventures were combined with another Volkswagen group in the area the Wet Westies.

Passenger and Driver

January: Deception Pass State Park with the Wet Westies & Sparkles The Bus. Sparkles belongs to friends of ours in the Kombis. They converted a school bus in to a party bus/camping vehicle for burning man. B’s mom gave him Flamingo yard art and we quickly decided it should be our marker for our site.

Flamingoes in January

February: Fort Flagler State Park with the Wet Westies. Busses lined up in a row, Marty in front, he’s the BF’s bus. Next is Janes “Carolina” and then Dug’s bus [almost cruised away without him and just his three dogs inside] and then Jennie’s bus “Little Magic”.

Four Busses in a Row

Had Toas Tites for the first time. Using them over the camp fire.

Toas Tites

March: Dash Point State Park with Sparkles the Bus again. Very wet and grateful for my Wellies. Learned to play Phase 10. Did some geocashing.


This is my dog Beej. He’s pretty mellow and comes on all of our camping trips.

Beej Chair

April: Camano Island State Park. B was in Japan. We thought this would start out as a girls only trip and Jane and I joked about making a sign on cardboard that said “No Boys Allowed” but then others showed up. The flamingoes now have leis.

Camping at Camano

Had Panini’s in Jane’s camping Panini Press. First time I took Marty out by myself. Sadly the trip ended with me getting a migraine Sunday morning. Everyone was awesome and got me home and I slept the rest of the day. We rescued Marty on Easter Sunday as it was parked at a friends mom’s house near the campground. Bus people are awesome!

Camping Panini Press

May: Kitsap Memorial State Park. As the weather warmed up more bus club members ventured out for camping. That is Curt’s van “The Rivi Room” in the front. He’s got a sound system and a flat screen TV in that thing.

Da Busses

Stopped in Port Gamble and saw a famous Camperdown Elm.

Camperdown Elm

June: Camano Island State Park again with the Wet Westies. Hung around the campground most of the time. Potluck on Saturday night where we tried some amazing Paleo bars. Yum! Checked out the cabins at Cama Beach State Park. Yes, I’m a mermaid! Learned to play the board game Sequence.

Karen Mermaid

July: Hammersley Inlet. Private property of one of the bus club members. The photo below is our view from the bus. It was my birthday so we made Gorgonzola stuffed, bacon wrapped dates and Jane brought oysters.

Hammersley Inlet

Jane and her son with a lovely shade umbrella as we waited in line for the ferry to take us home.

Happy Campers

August: Blue Fox Drive in Theater for a double feature of Guardian’s of the Galaxy and Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Injured my knee before trip. Airplane ride’s with Al [a guy in the club].

Blue Fox Drive In

B and Curt’s son Go Kart racing.

Go Karting

Whidbey Island for one of B’s best friends wedding.

Hells Gate State Park to visit B’s grandparents.

Hell's Gate

September: Riverside Sate Park to visit B’s aunt as well as trips to Breweries [No Li, Ramblin’ Road, Steam Plant & Waddell’s.

Bowl and Pitcher


Big Pines Campground for river rafting and Moxee Park for Volksfest and a stop at Bale Breaker Brewing on our way out of town. We took White Pass home which was a little out of the way but fun.

Beej Goes Rafting

October: The Cove at Fish Lake Campground & Leavenworth for Oktoberfest and Blue Spirits tasting. I tried the vodka and the guys tried the whiskey. My tastings were little Bloody Mary’s. Dug brought pumpkins to carve.


We also found quite a few varieties of mushrooms on our hike that weekend.

Orange Mushroom

Dugs three dogs are always along for the ride. We hiked down to an abandoned camp ground.


November: Visited B’s dad in Tri Cities. Kulshan Campground. Got down to 10 degrees and we adopted “the most interesting man in the world” [more about that in an upcoming camping post]. Stopped at Birdsview Brewing for beer and dinner.

Ten Degrees

December: Verlot Campground. Very wet! Big Four ice caves and geocashing.

Camping at Christmas

“Not all that wander are lost”.

Not All Who Wander Are Lost

This year I will do a post for each trip with more photos per trip. Enjoy!


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