A Year In Review and a Peak at What’s To Come

We are down to the last calendar page of 2014. What a year it has been.

Many important things were wrapped up this year and I am so glad to be moving on! The BF and I are settling in to cohabitation and looking forward to what will come. All the animals [my dog and his 3 cats] have figured out their pecking order. It’s a happy and cozy household!

After 26 years at the same company my BF changed careers. A little smaller paycheck but the opportunity for advancement is much better. The lower stress level and more positive work environment has been great for him. I am finishing up my third year back at my old company. Seven and a half years in total. We moved to a new computer system about a month ago and there have been some glitches but we are working on getting it all resolved. I have been tossing around the idea of going back to school and will look more in to it in the coming year.

We had some amazing adventures over the past twelve months. A big highlight was camping in Marty, BF’s 1982 VW Vannagon. We went on at least one weekend trip a month. A few coincided with VW car shows, we learned some new games [card, board and lawn], purchased some awesome camping accoutrements like a Toas-Tite to make camping hot pockets! A friend received a camping panini maker and those Sammy’s were awesome! We went rafting, attended Oktoberfest and camped in 10 degree weather in November. It’s pretty crazy when you wake up and the interior of your van has frozen windows! I have a couple organizational projects I am going to make for the van and I am gearing up for more camping in the coming year along with show shoeing, cross country skiing and hiking. Our last van camping trip this year is the weekend before Christmas.

Both of us went down to southern California in October. BF went for work training and I came down for a few days on the tale end of his trip. I took the rental car Friday and went to Venice Beach, Beverly Hills and Hollywood. Saw lot’s of popular sites and took myself out to a wonderful Mediterranean lunch called The Panini Café. The flight home was not very full and BF and I joked about asking for all of the blankets and making a fort.

Because our home is somewhat small for two crafty and creative people, BF is going to build me a studio of my very own for my sewing and crafting endeavors. Likely it will be 10 x 12 with a sliding barn door and windows. It will have heat and electricity so I can burn the midnight oil. Here is a link to all the craft ideas [some are gifts] I want to do this coming year.

Both of us are huge in to traveling and while we are saving for a trip overseas [likely to happen in 2016] we are planning a road trip for late spring to visit his grandparents in California. We will visit other friends along the way as well as some breweries and national parks.

Holiday decorating this year is pretty minimal which I am loving. A couple years ago I made a forest of fabric covered tree from this pattern and have quite a collection. Because of the cats I am limiting them to the mantle which they cannot get at and brought some in to decorate my cube at work. All of the candles in our home are electric [also because of the cats] and I have added some cedar boughs which smell amaze balls!

For the new year I will be working on my craft projects, getting a garden going, more camping and easing back in to Yoga and working out on a regular basis. It’s been four and a half months since I injured my knee and while it’s not completely back to normal its MUCH better!


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