Project 333

In my efforts to reduce the amount of stuff I own I have been cruising around minimalist blogs for some time. I came across Project 333 a while ago and thought 33 items for three months was a little crazy.

Fast forward a year or so and I am now taking this idea seriously. I ran out of time to follow the steps for going through my clothing. So, I proceeded to create a spreadsheet of all the clothing I wear. Some of mine is still in storage as I have not completely unpacked at B’s.  Now that the weather is changing and autumn is upon us I will need to rotate out my summer clothing and bring warmer garments home. An awesome opportunity for me to donate too.

I discovered I regularly have about 33 items of clothing I rotate through to wear to work.  I may be a few items over but that is probably because I didn’t have time to do the clothing purge before October started.

What I have noticed is the consistency of looks I have pinned. One of two trends seem to be emerging.

  • Jeans topped with a tank or light top and cardi with ballet flats in a coordinating color.
  • Dresses that stop at the knee or a bit below sometimes over leggings and matched with brown riding boots or flats, a coordinating bag, scarf and either a trench or denim jacket.

My love of vintage and tailored construction has me drawn towards items that have a distinctive vintage flare or design detail in the structure of the garment. Well made basics with a compliment of colorful hats, bags and accessories in spice and jewel tones of eggplant, peacock, olive, mustard, saffron & garnet.

My wardrobe is reflecting those pins in the uniform I seem to wear to work which doubles as my everyday casual clothing. I have a passion for sewing and knitting and there are several knitted garments I would like to make to go in my wardrobe.

So far in the two + weeks I have been attempting my P333, I have concluded that 33 items really goes a long way but that may not be the magic number for me. I also think that certain staple wardrobe pieces should be quality, even if you spend more. You will have it to wear longer and get more out of it than something not as well made.

I will continue with my version of P333 through the end of the year and let you all know if I will continue and in what way.


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