Journey To Wellness

I am on a journey to wellness for my mind + body + spirit. No I am not sick or have a condition of some kind. I just recognize that I can be a healthier person.

It’s true I want to lose weight, but there is more I want out of this than weight loss. I also want this experience to be one for my whole body.

There is a LOT of information out there on nutrition, eating, exercise, etc. It can be quite overwhelming and inevitably I fail because there are just to many rules. Right now my inbox is full of daily emails from different “expert” sources. Many I will be unsubscribing from and I will be selective about the emails I do receive.

For the month of August I am going to try something new {you might even say radical} and start this journey very simply.

  • Drink = Water {an occasional craft beer or glass of red wine is ok}
  • Eat = Whole foods {reduce meat, dairy, sugar & chemicals}
  • Rest = At least 7 hours of sleep a night {trust me, that is an improvement}
  • Exercise = Yoga, walks with the dog & some strength moves
  • Check In = Daily meditation, journaling, reading for pleasure & enjoying my hobbies
  • Nature = Get out in it every day!
  • Purge = Unnecessary emails, clutter & unhealthy people

That’s it. No fancy schedule. No calorie counting. No trips to the gym {canceled my membership anyway}. Just getting back to basics, learning new things, being present, embracing the process and loving my body as it is right now today. There will be a bit of added stress as I am moving but it will be interesting to see how I accomplish what I set out for myself through that process.


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